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In this tutorial, Steve reveals his entire Cosplay Retouching workflow and demonstrates the techniques used to create his well known styled images.

Steve challenges you with a homework assignment to create an image of your own. RAW file, final image and psd are all included with the purchase of this tutorial.

From every sale we will donate £10 to "Feed NHS". Feed NHS is raising money to help feed NHS workers one healthy meal each day. Some of our heroes are already working 20 hour shifts and these hours will only get longer as the crisis worsens. With cafes and eateries all shut there is a real need to get healthy hot food to the hospitals.


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1. Intro

2. Camera Raw

3. Highlighting Clean Up Areas

4. Clean up Fly Away Hairs

5. Clean Up Costume

6. Clean Up Skin

7. Skin Smoothening

8. Adding Background

9. Details with Nik Color Efex

10. Details With Photoshop Only

11. Dodge & Burn

12. Adding A Vignette

13. Adding Smoke

14. Carving

15. Liquify

16. Luminosity Mask

17. Color Grading

18. Adding Glow

19. Sharpening

20. Wrap Up

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