The Media Makeup & Theatre Event - Recap

Evening everyone,

As you know, myself and Shortie Props were a guest at the Media Makeup & Theatre Event last weekend. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was surprised! 

From the moment we arrived at the venue we were welcomed by a bunch of very friendly people. Before setting up our stand we were given all the details for the day. There was this very calm and relaxing atmosphere in the room even though this was a complete new event. I can guarantee you that the organiser must have been stressed... but you didn't feel that at all. It was all very professional.

Whilst setting up my stand, I spotted some amazing artists. I decided to set up my grey background and an one light setup...You never know! So glad I did this now!

Once everyone was ready setting up, the doors opened for public. Now, I've been to conventions such as LFCC, MCM Comic Con, LSCC,... Never have I experienced something like this. There was a decent flow of people though-out the day. Very chilled out with plenty of time to talk to people and build connections. What else can you ask for? There was food & drinks, a lounge to chill out and take a breather... We were very well looked after!

The Whimsical Clown
Mechanical Mermaid

What about photo opportunities? Well have a look for yourself. I took these images with an off camera speedlight in a beauty-dish (Roundflash). Very simple setup. Once I shot the images, I loaded them into Photoshop to create some magic. Believe it or not, these are only 10min edits... nothing fancy. But just look at the amazing art work from these very talented people. And I have to admit... I was so busy that day, I missed a few more amazing artists. But no worries... I'm working on getting some projects going with these talented people.

Let me provide you links to these amazing artists you can see here in the images.

The Whimsical Clown:  Make up by Make-Upps by Suzanna

Spikes: Make up by Ipaint Faces

Biomechanical Mermaid: Make up Anooshka Nereid Make-Up & SFX 

Walker: Make up by Z Brothers fx



I really enjoyed this event. It was something new for me, different from the usual conventions I go to. I made some amazing contacts and I can promise you that my future in photography took a turn in a different direction thanks to this event. I urge all my photographer friends to check out this event next year, even if you're not sure what to expect.

I want to thank Martina from the Professional Makeup Academy for having me at this awesome event. Also massive thank you to all the talented people who I worked with on the day. They  have been so supportive and I can't wait to work on some projects with these talented bunch of people!

Well, that's it for me today. Have a great evening!



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