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The Media Makeup & Photography Event

On the  11th March I will be returning to The Media Makeup & Photography Event for a second year. I had such a blast last year and I have a feeling that this year is going to be pretty awesome! 

The show will showcase SFX, Body Art, Props, Costume, Makeup, Photography, Model Program, Hair Styling,... A selection of leading universities and colleges are on hand for those who are preparing for the next step. The focus at the show is to continue their ethos of good education for all, to ensure those visiting will have the opportunity to learn more about their required skill set whilst being entertained by various demonstrations throughout the day.

Some images taken at last years event.

So this year I'm back with Shortie Props. I've been working with Shortie for many years now and we worked on various projects together. We will be showcasing some of the props used in our projects but we we will also be holding a seminar where we talk about how we came up with ideas, planned everything. shot everything and a lot more...

Also as a treat... I will be shooting live with some artist at the event followed by live editing the images taken. One of the artists I will be working with for sure are the guys from Z Brothers fx showcasing the amazing products by Dashbo.

You might remember the guys from Z Brothers fx from the Zombie images (see up) and this image on the left here. If you want to see how this is edited and how they created this piece of art check this!

If you want to join me at this event, book you're tickets HERE!

Times: Doors open at 10am

Event closes at 4pm

Location: Ruby College Warwickshire

Address: Technology Dr, Rugby CV21

Car Parking Free

Public Cafe on site 

Train Station: Ruby Warwickshire

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