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Tank Girl - Walkthrough

Tank Girl


Here I am again with another walkthrough for you. This time I picked an image from my  Tank Girl photo-shoot with Megan Cash.

Whenever I plan a photo-shoot, I want to make sure I'm picking the right people for the theme. Going by Megan's military background I knew that this girl is the one for this shoot! ShortieProps, also a collector of military memorabilia, once again did an amazing job on the outfit and props for this shoot. Some bits were from his collection, others he made himself. And of course we have the amazing skills from Zoe Louise, our makeup artist for this project!

Let's have a look how I created this image:

I work in Adobe Photoshop CC2015 and I use a Wacom Intuos pro tablet.

The light setup I used here is the same as in my last walkthrough. You can see see the gridded strip box in the background. I used 2 strip boxes slightly behind her to create rim lights and a gridded beauty dish overhead.

As always I'm shooting on a dark grey background so I can easily replace my background. Before changing the background I'll tidy up the skin a bit and apply some dodge & burn to give it a bit of pop.

In this image you can see that I cleaned up the skin. I used the Healing Brush Tool (set to current & below) on an empty as I like to work non destructive. There was only a small amount of skin retouch needed as this is not a beauty retouch. 

The next step was applying some dodge and burn. For this I used a 50% grey layer set to Soft Light for skin, Overlay for anything else. I then select my burn tool set to mid tones and an exposure of 10% - 20%.With the burn tool I enhance shadow areas. Here's a quick tip: If you hold ALT whist working with the burn tool, your tool will change into the dodge tool with the same settings as the burn tool. Nice! We use the dodge tool to enhance highlight areas. Make sure you don't over do it though!

The last step for this image (on the right) I added a new background ( same technique as previous walkthrough). The new background is a combo of a texture and the flag blended together in Photoshop using blend modes.  

Let's bring some colour into this image. 

One of the many ways to apply a colour effect is applying a gradient fill ( Layer - New Fill Layer - Gradient). I always start with the orange to purple gradient and then adjust the colours as I go. There's not really a reason why I use that one to start with... :) I changed the blend mode of this gradient layer to soft light and played with the opacity until I was happy :)

I also used Nik Color Efex 4 to get some more detais. The detail extractor in this plugin does a great job!

To bring the focus a bit more to our model I created a vignette with the levels adjustment layer. You can also create a vignette with the Camera Raw Filter or even the Elliptical Marquee Tool. So many ways to achieve the same thing.

Ow yeah! I almost forgot to tell you I added smoke coming from the cigarette :) Simply done with a brush.

We're nearly finished. Below you can see the final result. There's a few things I added to really finish this image as I had in mind. 

I wanted more contrast. A very easy way to create contrast is to add a Black & White Adjustment Layer set to Soft Light. Adjust the opacity till you are happy. Although the image looked cool, something was still missing.

I added some more colour by using a Selective Color Adjustment Layer set to neutrals. Whenever you start playing around with colours it comes down to personal taste so have a play with these sliders on your own images.

As you can see in the final image, I added a blue tint to the shadows. For this I applied another Selective Color Adjustment Layer set to blacks. This will allow you to add colour to the shadows. Again this comes down to personal taste and I recommend trying this out on your own images.

Tank Girl

So, that was another walkthrough for you. I hope you enjoyed. Please note that a walkthrough is not a tutorial, however I do try to give away some techniques I use on a daily basis.

Thank you for stopping by. While you're here, why not let me know what walkthrough you would like to see next time. As ever, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment or drop me a message.

Bye for now!

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