SmugMug- Sept 29th - Digi-Steve Photography

SmugMug - Sept 29th 2014

As you can see, I made some changes to my website. I wanted to have my own little shop for people to buy prints as I've been asked about prints and posters so many times.

So I decided to give SmugMug a try. I set up an account and gave the trial a go. I have to say...I know nothing about making websites. But I was rather surprised how easy it was to build my own website! And I was happy with it!

Whenever I got stuck, the SmugMug Support team helped me out every time. I have to say that I never experienced a more friendlier service than SmugMug.

I'm very happy with my website now...and I did it all myself...well nearly haha

I highly recommend SmugMug. Not only they have the best Costumer Service, but they also work along some great Print Labs.

Go check it out...sign up, give the trial a go... You won't regret it!

If you use following link, you will get an awesome 20% Discount!

That's it for me tonight. Enjoy your evening!