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Predator: Dark Ages

I was invited to the screening for cast & crew a few weeks before the premiere at Comic Con. I had a great time catching up with our Predator Philip Lane from Sentient Creatures and finally meeting James & Simon, the guys behind the film. These guys have done an amazing job! In all honesty, I wasn't expecting this kinda quality or standard. When I saw the movie for the first time, it didn't feel like just a Fan Movie.

Let's talk about the movie: 

The movie takes us back to the medieval times. A group of templars are hunting the beast, the Predator. These templars will use nothing but their swords, talent and wisdom to try and defeat this so called demon. Will they succeed?

What I liked best about this whole movie is the fact that they stayed true to the nature of the Predator. There's a story behind this movie.

Predator fans all over the world seem to be really surprised by this short Fan Movie (about 27min). Some even mistaken this movie to be a Hollywood production... I think thats says a lot!

From the moment I heard about the Predator Dark Ages Kickstarter project, I have been supporting this project through my page. I really wanted to feel part of it because I had a good feeling about this Project.

Just look at the cast! One by one, these are all super talented people. Not to forget the people behind the scenes. I think when you start a project like this it's all about team work and you can tell that this team gave their all!

They really wanted to give the Predator fans something more than just a Fan Movie... Did they succeed? I think they did... what do you think?

Predator:Dark Ages Full Movie

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