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Most of you will remember my "Predator" Photoshoot with Sentient Creatures. We managed to capture some stunning images that now have been shared all over the world! Not only have we been published twice with this photoshoot, but we have also been featured numerous times by Stan Winston School of Character Arts. The feedback we got from our followers has been amazing and still is as awesome till this day! We even received a message from Matt Winston to compliment us on the images and costume! So it has been an amazing experience and it hasn't stopped yet!

Last year I started supporting a Kickstarter event for a Predator Fan Movie. Philip Lane from Sentient Creatures was selected to play the role of the Predator and I was prepared to support him 100%.

Predator: Dark Ages -  The Film

Predator: Dark Ages takes you back to the medieval times where the predator will be hunting a group of knights.  These knights will use nothing but swords and their talent and wisdom if they want to survive. I will post the Trailer below and you can have a look yourself. They done a damn good job there!

The film was written and directed by James Bushe and stars Adrian BouchetAmed Hashimi, Sabine CrossenBen loyd-HolmesJon CamplingJoe Egan and Philip Lane from Sentient Creatures.

The full film will premiere at MCM London Comic Con on May 22nd - 24th.

At the premiere you will see 2 images I created for this movie. The trailer looks awesome and I can't wait for the Premiere :)

If you like the trailer, make sure to check out following page to stay up to date about this amazing short movie.

Predator: Dark Ages FB:

Predator: Dark Ages Trailer

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