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I often get the question if it's worth to sign up to Creative Cloud. And my answer is very simple... YES!

Creative Clouds gives you the best creative tools and always up to date. They just released their biggest update yet!

In my blog I will discuss the new features for Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. Let's have a look...

Photoshop CC 2015: New Features for Photographers

Dehaze control : 

The Dehaze control in Adobe Camera Raw can help you to improve an image by removing haze. You can find the Dehaze control in the Effects panel. Move the slider to the right to remove the haze from the image or you can move the slider to the left to create a haze effect. If you push the slider to the extreme you might consider using the shadow and vibrance slider in order to achieve the look you're after.

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Multiple Layer Styles:

In the previous versions we could do this as well but not as easy as we can apply Multiple Layer Styles in CC 2015.

Click the + icon to add multiple copies of the effect (up to 10 times)

You can you can reorder or reposition the layer effects to get the effect you're after.

Real Time Healing: 

When I started my normal workflow in CC 2015 I noticed straight away the speed change in the healing brush. Spot Healing and the patch tool also are now faster (healing in real time!).

Improvements to Content Aware:

We all ready knew that Content Aware is very powerful... and it only got better. The Content-Aware Move tool can now rotate, scale and flip images (to then be moved). This option is also available for the Extend option.

File > Automate > Photomerge now has a check box that allows you to fill in transparent areas with Content Aware technology.

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Restore Noise in Blur Gallery:

In Photoshop we have the ability to add a number of different type of blurs. In previous versions of Photoshop, it has always been a challenge to add noise into the blurred area for a more realistic effect. In CC 2015, when selecting any of the blur gallery filters, you have the option to add Uniform, Gaussian or Grain noise back into the blurred area. I would suggest to convert your layer(s) into Smart Objects before using the Blur Gallery. It allows you to work non-destructive and gives you a lot more control!

The features I described here are the ones for Photographers. If you're a designer check out following video:


Before you install Photoshop CC 2015, read this!

By installing Photoshop CC 2015 you will be deleting the older version(s) by default. However, if you want to keep the older version(s), it is possible.

To install Photoshop CC 2015 without uninstalling older versions click on "Advanced Options" and uncheck "Remove older versions". 

* When I did the update on my macbook without saving my older version, Photoshop CC 2015 indeed got rid of the older version. However, the older version was still in my Application folder. When I tried to open the older version, it didn't work. But... my plugin folder from the older version was still available... interesting...

I found that dragging the plugins within the folder to the Plugin folder of the new version did the job. Another method I picked up is making a copy of your Plugin Folder (old version) and pasting it to your desktop and then transfer them from your desktop to the new Plugin Folder. 

My Thoughts...

I think this is indeed one of the biggest update Adobe has done. I love the fact that you can now heal in Real Time! It's super fast... I also had a play with some of the features shown in the video and I have to say that the Adobe Stock is pretty cool. Another thing I'm really going to have a play with is the Art Boards and the Desktop View option. Looks interesting... Anyways...

I'm sticking to my usual answer I give people. Is signing up to Creative Cloud worth it? YES!

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