Photographer recreates Harley Quinn and Deadpool fan-art! The results are awesome!

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A Deadpool photo-shoot has been on my to list ever since the release of the trailer for the Deadpool movie. Whilst creating a mood board for this project I came across a lot of  Deadpool with Harley Quinn fan-art. For example... the image above is inspired by Al Reid's from Haywire Visions.

So I started looking for a Harley Quinn (from Suicide Squad). I got recommended cosplayer Olivia Ward. I then got in contact with Olivia and was very happy when she agreed to work with me.

The Cosplayers

Before I tell you more about the light setup and editing process. Let me introduce to you my models/ cosplayers for this awesome shoot.

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DaddyDeadpool Uk: I have been cosplaying for about 10 years. When I get asked him why I  cosplay Deadpool ... my answer is very simple... Who wouldn't want to be Deadpool? He knows he's a comic character, constantly breaking the 4th wall and taking on villains as well as some of the heroes too. A true anti-hero who doesn't care what he does or how he does it. He's like the perfect best mate, you'd have such a laugh going out with him. To cosplay Deadpool would be fantastic but I could never bring myself to cosplay him in the tight spandex suits out there. I just don't look good in spandex! So when the concept footage for the movie was put online, I knew I could wear hat suit well! I came across El-Fett, an awesome costume detailer, and a friend of his (Professionalcosplay). Having seen El_Fetts detailing work on numerous Spidey suits as well as other characters, I knew he's do an outstanding job with this Deadpool suit. They ended up creating what, in my mind , is the most accurate replica of the Ryan Reynolds movie suit out there. The level of workmanship that has gone in to it is astounding. The reception I've received whenever I've gone out in it (at cons and just out in it for fun) is amazing. People look at me and think it's the real deal - I've been asked on more than one occasion if the suit is an actual one from the film (testament to El_Fett and Professionalcosplay's hard work). Being Deadpool gives me the chance to escape from reality for a while and have a lot of fun at the same time. It seems that as Deadpool you can get away with almost anything from jumping queues to photobombing some of the best cosplayers out there and no one minds - they almost expect it from you. Everyone has a smile when Deadpools around!

Olivia Ward: I only started cosplaying in March 2016. Harley Quinn is by far my favourite cosplay that I've done so far. Her look is so versatile. There's a lot of room to be creative. She's fun, weird and naughty. What's not to love about Harley Quinn? 

The Shoot

For this shoot we had a 4 light set up. We used to 2 gridded strip boxes slightly behind the models, left and right. We added a 150cm Octa overhead and a small softbox as a kicker light (left). 

As for most of my shoots, I used a grey background for easy compositing. If you want to know what I mean with easy compositing, check out my short tutorial HERE.

The Editing

Not that long ago I did a live edit on my Facebook page. Although it's not an edit of a Deadpool vs Harley image, the process is very similar.

You can find the video HERE


Deadpool Cosplay:

Harley Quinn Cosplay:

Deadpool costume:                                                                       



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