MCM London Comic Con - Digi-Steve Photography

MCM is over once again. They smashed it this year with over 122K visitors over the weekend, some awesome guests and amazing cosplayers.

I was only able to attend MCM on the Friday as I was going on a break that same day. I had a great time. You could tell that the organisation took on board some of the comments and complains from the past years. I loved the layout and the staff was really friendly and helpful this year!

I started of the day spending time with the cast from Falling Skies (Will Patton, who plays Captain Weaver, Moon Bloodgood, who plays Anne Glass, and Drew Roy, who plays Hal Mason). They teased the press by hinting that there could be some major character deaths in the final season.

View the trailer below.

I was told by my friends from Wacom they would be at MCM showcasing some of their products. I paid them a visit and had a play with a Cintiq... OMG...Totally awesome. I wasn't too sure about this piece of kit because of the size but as soon as I started to have a play on the Cintiq it felt as if I've been using one for years.I have this now on my WANT list :)


One of the main reason why I love MCM is because of the so many talented cosplayers. Some of the cosplays are out of this world!  Every year I try to walk away with 1 or 2 amazing shots from MCM. Last year I had a blast at my mini-shoot with Yoshplay. We created some awesome images (see left). 

This year I have something slightly different. With the new Mad Max movie on the big screen I couldn't resist creating something awesome with car on display at MCM. Let me know what you think....

Once again, MCM was awesome. I had great time and I can't wait till October... See you then everyone!