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"Love Story" with SmugMug

Blimey! Another Valentine's Day is right around the corner. That's gone quick! As always Valentine's Day is the time of the year were companies throw out some great discounts, and SmugMug is one of them.

People that know me, know that I don't promote or shout out companies, products that I don't like or that don't have any benefits to myself or my work. So this blog post I'm writing for 2 reasons. To share my SmugMug experience  with you and to let you know there's a great discount for grabs.

This is my SmugMug website

Nearly a year and half ago I was looking for a website. Let me be clear... I'm rubbish when it comes down to making a website! I'm might be good in Photoshop but making a website is something different! I got introduced to SmugMug by a friend of mine and decided to do the Try Me option. Let's see what I can come up with... Well I was very surprised.

In no time I had a website ready to go live! Although I was only on the trial option at this time, whenever I got stuck, the SmugMug Heroes were only a click away to help me out with whatever I needed.

These SmugMug Heroes have been a great help for me and I think they're a big part of the reason why I went ahead I signed up with SmugMug. Of course SmugMug offers many cool features, templates,... but the fact that their support team is so on point is one of the reasons I'm here writing a blog about them.

I know that there are photographers out there that have no clue how to make a website and everything that comes with it. I was exactly in that position. So yes, SmugMug has helped me and my work a lot! So thank you SmugMug.

If you're in the same position as I was a year and half ago, why not give SmugMug a try? It's not going to cost you anything to try them out. See for yourself what I experienced.

If you are giving SmugMug a try, make sure  you check out their brand new template "Love Story"

Don't miss out! Offer is valid till the 14th February only!

Thinking about a SmugMug site? Click here to Save 20% now during the Valentine’s sale!

That's it for me today.  Have a great weekend! Speak to you soon.



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