London Film and Comic Con WINTER - Oct 20th

London Film and Comic Con WINTER is finished. I attended the event yesterday. 

On arrival I noticed that their was barely a queue outside. I made my way inside and I have to admit... It was very empty! So I took the opportunity to speak to some of the guests.

I'm a massive "The Walking Dead' fan so of course I picked Michael Koske  & Andrew Rothenberg. Awesome people may I add! Loads of my followers have been asking me to do a Zombie shoot. After speaking to these guys, I have an awesome idea :) Both actors shared some of their experiences of being on the set of "The Walking Dead". Andrew explained that the zombies on set really put people off a few times. This helped their acting a lot. Oh Yes! The zombies on set are us ugly as you see them on your screen. Although we see loads of zombies in "The Walking Dead", It's not about the zombies in the series. It's all about the people...

After speaking to these great guys I wondered around until I saw an awesome cosplay...wait... is that Wesley Snipes?... Wow, thats very close. He goes by the name " The DayWalker" (See picture above). I knew that if I did a little photo-shoot with him something awesome would be the result. So happy with that image!

A lot more cosplayers started to enter the venue and it was getting busy. Not as busy as LFCC summer, thank God haha

LFCCW was great fun. Always nice to see my friends from Iconic Legion and the UK Predators.

I can't wait till next year!