Guest Speaker at the Leighton Buzzard Photographic Club

Hey everyone,

I had such a great night last Wednesday giving a talk to the members of the Leighton Buzzard Photographic Club

When I first came over to the Uk from Belgium I was a member of this club. A great bunch of people with a passion for Photography. My photography went a whole different direction and I couldn't find the time to attend the club evenings as much as I wanted. But every time I get asked to be the guest speaker for the club, it feels like being home again :)

I decided to give an introduction to using a Wacom tablet, from setting up a tablet to the more advanced settings on a tablet such as creating panels. Wacom has some amazing products and it's a shame that a lot of people don't understand how amazing and beneficial using a tablet really is. I think the problem is that you can buy a tablet from various places but you don't get a chance to try it out before buying it. I'm pretty sure that if people had the chance to try it out before buying , a lot more people would use a tablet now.

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I had an awesome time. The response has been amazing. A lot of members showed interest and some even had a go on my Intuos Pro during the break. Because of the positive feedback on this talk, I'd like to redo this talk at different photography clubs. Are you a member of a photography club and you would like me to come and talk, feel free to drop me a message.

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Have a great weekend! Speak to you soon!