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Whilst watching America's Top Model on TV I came across an app called  Flixel.

What is Flixel?

Flixel let's you create stunning living photos with Cinemagraph Prop,  the award-winning pro tool designed for creating amazing cinemagraphs. It is the fastest and easiest way to create HD quality cinemagraphs.

With a preview of your of your cinemagraph in real-time and a unique live-masking feature you can easily mask and edit with fine grained adjustments and filter. To finish off you can output HD 91080) and UHD (4K) quality cinemagraphs that captivate and inspire.

I downloaded the app last year to give it a go. I struggled to get it to work. Why? As you know, my style of photography involves a decent amount of Photoshop. To be able to create a Flixel you need a video. As my knowledge when it comes to video editing is close to nothing I got stuck and left the app in my Application Folder untouched until yesterday!

I opened the app, and in combination with Photoshop I was able to create some really cool living images. Now I know how to work around this struggle I had, I love this app.

I'm determined to take this to the next level with the help from Flixel. I have been communicating with the team and I must say that their costumer service is pretty awesome.

Flixel is a great way to create some awesome living photos that will grab people's attention. 

If you want to give Flixel a try go check out their website HERE