Debonair: The Photoshoot and Technique

I had the great pleasure of working with the very talented guys from "Debonair"... It was the first time meeting the guys and working with them. 

Untitled photo

Debonair are an innovative, stylish and charismatic new music duo bringing some fresh new energy to the unsigned and underground scene. These boys are natural performers with a diverse background of experience in the entertainment industry.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

The goal for this shoot was the get together some really cool promotional material. It was a delight to work with these two very talented guys. They knew what they wanted and came forward with some awesome ideas. It was a great shoot based on hard work, great communication and a lot of fun! 

The shoot went very smoothly and I'll put that down to the planning I did with the client prior to the shoot. Just pressing the shutter is not enough. 

The Light Set Up

Untitled photo

Going into the shoot I had a good idea of the end result so I stuck with an easy setup that worked across the whole shoot. I did think about changing the setup but I liked the light too much :P

Light Setup:

-> Grey Background

-> 2 strip boxes to the rear of the subjects to add rim light

-> Large gridded Octa on a boom to the front and above

-> Small soft box as kicker - front left

We used lighting by Broncholor

The Editing

For the 2 solo images:

* Remove unwanted things in the background

* Clean up Skin

* Add Contrast

* Dodge & Burn

* Adjust Colour / Tone using adjustment layers

I didn't go to crazy on the editing for these images. I wanted these images to look nice, clean and classy.

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