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Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago I did a Predator Photo shoot with Philip Lane from Sentient Creatures . Philip is the owner of a P1 Predator costume. This costumes takes us back to the first Predator movie which is probably the best movie out of them all. With the first movie in our mind we had a very good idea of the look we were after. We're dealing with a killer so these images needed to be very grungy and powerful. 


Because of the planning I do before a photo shoot I had a clear view of what was possible regarding the costume. There was a lot of factors we had to pay attention to. Movement in the costume, Philips vision inside the costume, the weight of the costume and the high temperature inside the costume. I knew that I didn't want to keep Philip inside this costume longer then needed. So I can say that planning your shoot is the way to work. Best tip I can give you regarding how I work. I think we spent about 15 min shooting once the light were all set.

I was aware that the Predator is an iconic character but I'm still stunned by everything that happened after the shoot.


The finished images got a lot of response! It kicked off by a feature in Kultur Magazine . We hit the front cover of the Cosplay issue with a Poster for all the Predator fans out there. If you don't have a copy yet you can order one here ! Predator fans all over the world start sharing the images after Stan Winston School of Character Arts  featured every single Predator image we created.


With near enough 2K shares and 12K likes this shoot is by far the most popular shoot I've done. To celebrate this I will be doing a Giveaway on my Facebook Page  very soon! I also created a little making off video for all the fans out there :


Hello everyone,

I know it's been a while since I wrote my blog and I apologise!

I've been busy working on some new personal projects. As you're aware from my older projects, I do a lot of planning.

So what projects do we have coming your way?



For this project I'm teaming up with cosplayer Philip Lane . His Predator cosplay is the best I've seen! We've been going through a collection of inspiration images and we're ready to treat you with some awesome images! Ow...I know that Philip Lane is also bringing a special guest to the studio to create more awesomeness.... Not saying a word! Make sure you "LIKE" my page  to say on top of the exciting stuff that's about to happen!


Red Riding Hood

This project is nearly ready. For this shoot I will be working with an awesome team ( Gwen Reece, Wallis Donegal, Shortie, Theresa Louise). I'm honoured to welcome to my team a very talented lady, Sara Fay ! Sara is designing the outfit for this project and I can tell you now...It's looking awesome! At the moment she's working at Warner Brothers Studios and she also worked on a few movies. Can you tell I'm happy to have this lady on board :)

All props are made by Shortie . With some adjustments, it's all safe now and we won't end up with a photographer killed in action :)



I love all my personal projects, but this one is rather special. We have access to outfits that were used on D-DAY, weapons, vehicles,... We've done our research and are now ready to create some images to show our respect to the men who gave their lives. I'll be posting more information on this project closer to the date.

So that was some of the projects I'm working on...What are you working on?...

That's it for me today...See you later...

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about 2 things. LSCC and the release of Queen Ravenna.

London Super Comic Con (LSCC)

So last Sunday I went to LSCC. After my experience at Comic Con last year I decided to leave early early! But when I arrived it was very calm. There was this nice relaxing atmosphere which I loved. I could enjoy it! I met up with the guys from Iconic Legion , a group of cosplayers and volunteers raising money for charity. Such a great bunch of people! Make sure you check them out and support them!

Captain America
Iconic legion
Riddle's Messy Wardrobe

The highlight of my LSCC adventure was meeting Riddle and her husband Chris. I followed her work since I got introduced to her by Heroes Of Cosplay. She made some incredible stuff.

Go and visit her page Riddle's Messy Wardrobe .

I'm hoping to work with this lady in the near future...That would be amazing!


A few weeks I go I showed you some teasers from the Maleficent project I did. Today I can reveal some images of Queen Ravenna. As mentioned before, all props were made by Shortie .

Make-up was done by Gwen Reece  and Hair by Wallis Donegal . Our lovely model for the evening, the amazing Charli Meredith . Please visit their pages and show your support. Incredible talented people!

Rather then doing a lot of talking ( or typing :P), I will let you enjoy some  of the images of Queen Ravenna.

Queen Ravenna
Queen Ravenna

That's it for me for now. I will be back with another speed retouch video of one of the Queen Ravenna images and a very cool BHS video.

Bye for now!

Hello Everyone,

10 Days ago I received the Canon 6D. In the meantime I've been asked by loads of people how I'm getting on with the Canon 6D. So I decided to write a little review. Let's get started...


Canon 6D

The canon 6D is a response to the D600 Nikon released. This response came within less then a week after the release of the Nikon D600. Measuring 144.5x 110.5x71.2mm and weighing 755g with battery and card inserted, this camera is the smallest and lightest full-frame Canon DSLR.

The Canon 6D design and layout is very similar to the 5D Mark III although it shares many buttons as the older 7D and 60D models. There is no joystick, which is incorporated into the rear wheel as a multi controller. Also there's no built-in flash. Instead, the camera has a hotshoe to fit an external flash unit. The maximum flash sync is 1/180sec, a bit disappointing. 

Let's have a look at the Key Specifications:

- 20.2MP Full Frame CMOS Censor

- DIGIC 5+ image processor

- ISO 100-25600 standard, 50-102800 expanded

- 4.5 fps continuous shooting

- Silent Shutter Mode

-1080p30 video recording, stereo sound via external mic

- 11 point AF system, center point cross-type and sensitive to -3 EV

- 97% viewfinder coverage

- 1040k dot 3:2 3" ClearView LCD (Fixed)

- Single SD card slot

- Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS

A few of these specifications stand out...that being good or being...

- Only an 11 point AF System, 1 center point cross-type!  Must be a joke right? No it's not. It was one of the reasons why I didn't buy the Canon 6D earlier. Reading up a lot and watching reviews helped me making a decision. Now I have the 6D I can honestly say that I don't have an issue with the 1 center point cross-type. I work mainly in a studio and 99% of the time I use the center to focus. So altho this was one of the negative things about the 6D, I don't have any problems. The central cross-type AF point is able to lock onto subjects right down to -3EV. I gave it a try and I have to admit...it really does work! It's really fast as well. I watched a review on the 6D where they compared this against a 5D Mark III. The 6D was able to lock on to the subject in 3 seconds and the 5D Mark III needed near enough 1 minute to lock on. You can find the video HERE

- Single SD card slot!  Having used CF cards with my previous camera I wasn't to keen on SD cards. But I now I got the 6D, I don't see a problem with it. I use 32GB (SD HC) cards and I can take 997 images with Quality set to just RAW. For what I do thats more then enough, I don't mind     changing my CF card if needed.

- Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS . Although these options are not a reason to pick the 6D over the 5D Mark III, I have to admit that the Wi-Fi option is pretty cool. I was able to use it at my latest shoot and it does come in handy. I love using this function with my Ipad. During a shoot I can view the     images on the Ipad. I can delete shots on the Ipad and they will be deleted on the Camera as well. I can view all pictures taken, send in email, post to Facebook, etc. I haven't used the GPS function yet. I've advised to use the GPS on the first picture you take at a location and then turn it off as it does run out your battery faster. Like I said, not a reason to pick one camera over the other but still a pretty cool feature built-in! For now there's no video streaming to Iphone/Ipad yet.

One of the things that really blew me away was the ISO performance. If you shoot between 100 and 3200 ISO you will end up with clean, noise free images. It when you start to push beyond 3200 you can start seeing noise when viewed at 100%. Even at 12800 ISO you will end up with more then acceptable and usable images!

Canon 6D


I think the 6D is a brilliant camera. The negative things I heard about the 6D turned out to be not as bad at all... That's my opinion. For what I do, this camera does an outstanding job. A full frame camera, built-in wi-fi and GPS, awesome ISO. Yes, only 1 central cross-type AF point but able to lock on very fast in very low light situation. 

Is the 6D the best camera...No! But if you look into why and how you're going to use the camera, you might find that this camera will give you just what you need. I got the Canon 24-105mm f4 IS USM kit with the 6D and the results are great. I hope you find this review useful and maybe it helps you when you have to make a decision on picking a new camera.

That's it for me, speak to you later!

Evening everyone!

In November I met up with Shortie and started talking about doing a Maleficent Project. With the movie coming out shortly we thought it would be a pretty cool project. Shortie started with the creating the head piece for Maleficent. Once I saw the finished head piece I knew this project was off to a great start. Shortie kept producing awesome props. Check out his work HERE

Maleficent Props

So props sorted we needed a model. Now when it comes models, I'm very picky. Charli  stood out because of her love for Disney and her natural beauty. She proved me right. She studied the character and did an awesome job. Such an easy model to work with. Highly recommended!

To make my team complete is asked Gwen Reece and Wallis Donegal to join me. You might remember Gwen and Wallis from my Poison ivy shoot.

Poison Ivy

I feel privileged to be able to work with such talented people! Yes, it was my idea, my vision...but these people helped me to realise this.


Everything is ready and in place for this project. Drew  and Photoshoot magazine  joined us to cover the behind-the-scenes.

We all arrived at Saracen House Studio , ready to create some magic.

I'm still working on the images but hopefully I'll be able to show you some results very soon. But in the mean time...here are some behind-the-scenes pictures.

Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes

Thats it for now. I'll catch you later :)

Hello Guys,

Time for another blog and today I want to share with you the new project(s) I've been working on with my friend Shortie

Shortie went the extra mile with these props. A lot of detail work!

I'm a Disney freak, so with this project(s) I decided to head down the Disney road. But let's keep it dark and evil!

Queen Ravenna

Ravenna, also known as the Evil Queen is the selfish ruler of Tabor. She learns that her stepdaughter, Snow White, is destined to surpass her as the "Fairest One of All". The only way to remain in power is by consuming Snow White's heart. She recruits a Huntsman to kill Snow White in exchange for his freedom.


I'm really excited about this project. I will be working with the very beautiful model, Charli Meredith . Queen Ravenna is all about beauty so I know that Charli is my best pick. To top it off...she's a Disney Fan!

My friend Shortie  has been working long hours on these props. I have to say, the amount of details is absolutely amazing. 

Here are some of the props for this project:

Queen Ravenna Props


Maleficent is an evil fairy. She takes offense at not being invited to the christening of Princess Aurora, and takes revenge by cursing Aurora.

With her gothic, elegant design, dramatic and flamboyant animation and unlimited arsenal of magic powers, Maleficent is one of the most popular and well-known Disney Villains.


With the new Maleficent movie coming out I thought it was a good idea to bring her to live in one of my Projects.

Again, Shortie spent a lot of time on the props. I thought the Gladiator props  he made were awesome but I think that he really shows what he's capable off with these props.

Have look:


Besides these props there's much more involved with these projects. We created our own miniature background, we set fire to a mirror,...

A lot of exciting stuff going on!

That's it for me today... I'll catch you later!

Bye for now...

Hello Guys,

So today I wanted to show you an image I finished last night. Not only I want to show you the image, I want to give you a tip. I call it Good Oldies.

Rise Of The Machines


Click Here  for a better viewing quality of this image!

Rise Of The Machine

So, last night I was looking through my images from my Wolverine Project. I wasn't planning on using this image. To be honest, I was planning on throwing it in the bin!

Now I'm glad I didn't throw it away.

And that's my tip for you. Keep hold off the so called bad shots. If you're like me, you learn new techniques every day. Things you couldn't do let's say 3 or 4 months ago, you might be able to do now. With learning new techniques comes new inspiration and imagination. 

Here's a before and after of the image I called "Rise Of The Machines"


Here's another example:

The Amazing Spiderman


Click Here  for a better viewing quality of this image!

The Amazing Spiderman

Now this image of Cosplayer Spider-Trooper  was shoot during my visit at the London Movie and Comic Con (LFCC). No intentions in using this image other then for my blog.

The Cosplayer wasn't posing for me...It was really just a snapshot.

Here's the Before/After for "The Amazing Spiderman"

The Amazing Spiderman

Here's a quick Making Off video

So, Don't just throw away the so called "Bad Shots". These images can one day be "Golden Oldies" :)

That's it for me guys,

Catch you later!

Hello Everyone,

It's that time of the year again!

2013 has been amazing year with some great highlights.


We had a few publications this year and for this I would like to thank all people involved.

Special thanks goes to Kultur magazine  and Practical Photoshop

My thank you list is very long and I won’t be putting the list on here . But there are some people I want to name here.
I would like to thank Andrew from Saracen House Studio  for his ongoing support. I think I can speak for everyone that worked with Andrew. The way he runs his studio shows his passion for Photography. He’s always happy to give a hand and help you reach the next level in your photography. Thank you Andrew!
My next person on the list is my friend Shortie, the man behind all the props you see in my work just lately. The first time he offered to make some props (the wolverine Claws) I laughed at him. Guess who’s laughing now haha. Shortie & I got another big project coming very soon. The props will blow you away! Thank you Shortie!

To end this very long message I would like to thank all my “fans”/followers for their ongoing support. It means a lot and it’s much appreciated! 2014 will be a year with the focus on teaching. I've been asked so many times about new workshops, tutorials. Well, I heard your request and I'm already working on it! 

That's it for me! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2014!


Steve Thewis


Special thanks to Perfect Parties  for the amazing Santa Costume.

Hello Everyone,

As some of you might have seen, my #Gladiator image made it as a Front Cover for Kultur Magazine .

It's a nice reward for all the hard work that Shortie put in making the props. He did a lot of research to create the props true to history.

All the edged weapons were cut from wood sanded and then painted with an aged effect. The armour was made from real leather cut, stitched, riveted and aged. The robe was borrowed from his German shepherd Shadow, now returned :). 7 Weeks until the finished props arrived at my doorstep.As you can see they look amazing. 

The feedback on the props has been amazing so thank you everyone!


A word from Darryl Taylor

So, it's my second shoot with Steve Thewis. I was a bit sceptical at first. I was thinking there's no way we are going to top the Wolverine Shoot. When I got to the studio they showed me the props swords, helmet, spears and axes! They looked incredible!! Then I was shown the two outfits created for me which again were both amazing. These guys are creative geniuses! Just to top it off, as always, Steve was a great laugh to work with and the same with the owner of the studio Saracen House  Andrew. When we get the banter going its always a nice, fun relaxed shoot. You can tell with the images


That's it for me tonight. I hope you have a great evening :)

Catch you later!

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to talk a bit about my experience with using a tablet.

First Experience

For most of my career as a Photographer/Digital Artist I've been using a mouse. A few people told me to get a tablet but that went one ear in, the other ear out. I was happy with using a mouse so why change, right?

So one day I decided to pick up a #Wacom Tablet. Couldn't wait to plug it in and use it. Once plugged, driver installed, I had a play with the tablet. Oh boy, this is so weird. No way I can continue any of my work using this thing. It feels strange. You would say that it would be as easy as picking up the pen and start working again as if nothing changed. Well I didn't have that experience!! It took me 2 days before I boxed the thing and put it away. And that's where it stayed for a very long time!


Second Experience

A year later I decided to give the tablet another chance. I was determined to make it work this time!  All my friends kept telling me how good it is to use a tablet so it must be true.

Well I have to saying in all honesty. They were right and I was a fool. I took me nearly 2 weeks to get used to the tablet but I don’t think I can work without it now. I even use my pen to navigate through my mac, rather then using my mouse.

Using a #Wacom Tablet really improved my workflow.

The main reason I believe is that when using a tablet you’re able to use more natural movements with you’re hand. It’s like drawing on paper or painting on a canvas. Also the fact that you can program shortcuts into you’re tablet is a great help. It speeds up your workflow. The newer tablets also have the function where you can scroll, click and zoom by using your fingers. For example, when I zoom in or out in Photoshop all I have to do is do the zoom in or out movement you do on an iPhone. The only difference is that I’m now doing this on my tablet. 

Some Tips

My Wacom experience allows me to give some tips.

Tip1 . You don't need a huge tablet or an expensive tablet. There are many tablets out there affordable for everyone. I worked with the Bamboo showed in the picture above for a long long time. Still my      favourite tablet!

Tip2. Keep practicing! The first experience with a tablet won't be the experience you were expecting! But stick to it and keep practicing. I can promise you that, once you are more comfortable with using a tablet, you will never go back to using a mouse.


I just wanted to add that I'm not getting anything for Promoting Wacom. I just want to share my experience as I've been asked about tablets on numerous occasions.

Right, that's it for me for tonight.

I hope you found this helpful.

Off to watch a movie now :)

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