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Back to Basics

The Whimsical Clown

Photoshop is a huge program with never ending possibilities. The idea of getting started in Photoshop can seem a bit overwhelming to some. Lots of options, tools, windows, menus… No wonder you might get a bit lost.

This is the reason why I set up this 8-week course that I named “Back to Basics”. This course will guide you through the basic tools in Photoshop to allow you to create a workflow that works for you. We will be covering topics such as, making the most out of Smart Objects, Masking, Blending Modes, Adjustments Layers and a lot more to create a non-destructive workflow.

Besides explaining the basics of Photoshop, we will also be covering some tricks and tips to speed up and simplify your post processing workflow, whilst giving you skills to allow your editing to reflect your creativity better.

One of the tools I use to speed up my workflow massively is a Wacom tablet. Wacom kindly provided us with Intuos Pro tablets to use during this course. (If you have your own tablet, you’re more than welcome to bring your own)

limited the spaces for only 12  people.

Extra information: - 8 week course (starting on the Wednesday 4th May                                        till Wednesday 29th June, break on the 1st June)

                                 - 2 hour sessions - Notes Provided

                                 - Refreshments are provided during the course

Requirements: - Pc/Mac Laptop running Adobe Photoshop CS3 or higher.

                           - Pen/notepad

When: Every Monday Evening - 5th February to 26th March 2018 (8wks)

Where: Saracen House Studio             

              5 Furtho Court,

              Towcester Road                              

              Old Stratford                         

              Milton Keynes                       

              MK19 6AQ

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Rob Hill - Back to Basics Course

About four years ago, I bought a Wacom tablet at the Photography Show in Birmingham - I knew it was something that I needed to improve my editing, both in terms of precision and speed.

Having got home, I installed the tablet and had a few tries but within a couple of weeks, the tablet was in a cupboard and I was back to using my mouse for everything.

Fast forward about 3 years and I signed up for an 8-week Photoshop course run by Steve Thewis. It was clear from the promotion of the course that it would be heavily Wacom-centric, but I just thought I could use my mouse instead. I was wrong.

Steve banned mice for any editing tasks during the course and urged non-tablet-users like me to practice in the evenings between the weekly course instalments. Through a combination of him showing us how he uses the tablet and demonstrating the advanced features and programmability, I was convinced to try.

Steve dedicated a significant portion of one of the lessons to explaining how to set up the soft menus on the tablet to suit the way individuals work with Photoshop - that opened my eyes to how this was much more than a substitute pointing device.

A year later, my tablet is a permanent fixture on my desk and, while I still use a mouse for day-to-day work, I cannot even think of editing without using my Wacom tablet. I know that if I had not attended Steve's course, my tablet would still be in the cupboard - or on eBay.

Thanks Steve - through a combination of the nicest possible bloodymindedness and persuasion, you made a Wacom user of me!

Mark - Back to Basics Course

As a professional photographer I have attended many courses on how to take better photos, but felt I was never getting the best out of my photos in post. I spent years (and a fortune!) of trying to understand Photoshop from books, but just ended up confused. There were many courses on doing different types of work in Photoshop, but I knew I needed to go back to the very basics to understand the fundamentals.

I saw Steve’s Back to Basics Course advertised at Saracen House and decided to take the plunge and book on it. It was run over eight weeks and I have to say it was some of the best investment I have made both in terms of time and money. We started right from square one and built up to the point where we had all the tools to start to get the best out of the power of Photoshop. It was entirely practical so as we learnt something we didn’t just learn the theory of a tool, but how we could use it. The results have been amazing.

I think my finished product has already taken a huge leap forward. I can now add that extra touch to the images to make them really stand out, and have the tools to solve some of the problems I had struggled in the past. I am now much more critical of the final product and look forward to producing more “Wow” images in the upcoming wedding season.

I cannot recommend the course enough to anyone serious about getting the best out of their images in post-production.

Thank you Steve.

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